How To Buy

1. Direct Purchase

For you who lives in Jakarta & surroundings, can directly go to outlet located at :

- Jakarta : FoodHall, All Fresh, Apotek Melawai, Cempaka Fruit Market, Klub Sehat, Farmers, Fresh Market, Grand Lucky, Healthy Choice, Hero, Hypermart, Jakarta Fruit Market, Kem Chicks, Le Gourmet, Market City, Papaya, Ranch Market, Superindo, Stevan Meat Shop, Total Buah Segar, Rejeki Ancol, Rejeki Supermarket, Kawan Sehat Kelapa Gading

- Tangerang : Giant, Farmers, Hypermart, Superindo, Stevan Meat Shop, Total Buah Segar

- Bogor : Farmers, Total Buah Segar, Hypermart, All Fresh

- Bandung : Yogya Toserba, Junction 8

- Cikarang : Hypermart Pejaten, Foodmart Gourmet

- Bekasi : Foodmart Citos, Total Buah Segar Bekasi

- Denpasar : Propan Sandimas Home Centre (Jl. Gatot Subroto Barat 688, Ubung - Denpasar, Bali)



2. Delivery Service

For you who lives in Jakarta & Tangerang, we provide delivery service by our courier. Service procedures :

a. Customer can order by phone 021 5930 3333 ext 12322, the products can be seen on the website on the "Products”

b. Goods will be delivered to the customer at an agreed schedule

c. Customers are required to make a payment one day before the goods are delivered through BCA account 7620777077 in the name of PT. Bionic Natura

d. Goods damage after inspection by the customer is not our responsibility



3. Online Shopping

a. Choose the goods you want, put it into shopping bag (click --> add to bag)

b. Please check the list of products you buy by click "viewbag" for add products, please return to page “products”

c. Click “checkout” to continue the transaction

d. Login. If it has been registered, you can login directly. If you are a new customer, please create an account by filling the data at “New Customer” and then “Create New Account”

e. Continue buying process by doing a "checkout" at the bottom of the list of products in the shopping bag

f. Please complete the data to continue the next process, and then click "place order". The address listed here is the address of the delivery destination. You will get 1 email at this stage

g. Customer will get “order number” (please remember this number) and information about the total shopping and account number to proceed to the payment process. You will receive an email again at this stage

h. Confirmation of payment, please click the link in the number two, you will be connected to the "confirm payment", please enter the order number and complete the other data, submit. You will receive 1 email at this stage

i. In this stage, your order is in process. Please wait the next information. Check your email and “order history” to get recap transaction

j. If you made an order over than 3 o'clock, the delivery will be done on the next day (office hour)



4. Transaction Monitoring

To monitoring your transactions, you can visit "My Account" which is located at the top right of the web page Bionic

4.1. Confirm Payment

The stage of your payment confirmation

4.2. View Order History

To see all of your transactions. In any invoice that you receive through email, there will be the following status :

a. Waiting for Payment : our system has not detect your payment. If you have paid and confirmed, then the system will automatically change the status into payment accepted

b. Payment Accepted : your payment has been received by the system

c. In Process : your goods are being prepared and ready for shipment

d. On Delivery : Your goods are in delivery process. Once shipped, you will receive an email containing the shipping receipt number, can be used to check the status of your goods.

4.3. Edit Address & Account Details

To change your database (address, email, password, etc.)