Vission & Mission


Bionic Farm is a brand of PT. Bionic Natura

Bionic Farm was established in 1990 and committed to preserve the nature through sustainable organic agriculture. In the beginning, Bionic Farm specialized solely in cultivating mushrooms.As people become more aware and conscious of the food they consume, Bionic Farm expanded its products scope.

We have several locations for growing organic rice in West Java : Ciherang, Cimande, Cikande and Pancawati. Where as in highland Cibodas-Puncak, we grow organic mushrooms (Oyster Mushrooms, Shiitake, Eringii, Wood Ears), arabica coffee; asparagus and other vegetables.

In Ciherang we have integrated organic farm in wich beside rice, we also cultivate Rosella, Calamansi, Soursop, Purple Sweet Potatoes, Honey Potatoes and also goats (for milk), chickens (for meat and eggs), ducks (for eggs), and fishes.



Bionic Farm envisions a world in which health and well-being of our society and environment are not at risk from exposure from pesticides and other toxic chemicals. This vision also includes preservation and protection of our nature and save our Mother Earth for future generations.



Bionic Farm is committed to build a vibrant and healthy society by providing organic and natural products. This mission arises from underlying concern for our society, especially children for their sustained health. We believe that by implementing small fundamental changes in our daily intake will have large impact on the well-being, as the saying goes "healthy body, healthy mind" thus in process we could create a strong, high-quality human resources for the nation.